NetBrokers Sp. z o.o. is a biggest internet trading platform in Poland for agro-business sector.  
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About us

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NetBrokers Sp. z o.o.

Internet trading platform Netbrokers is the hugest platform in Poland for the agro-business sector. It`s main goal is supplying the customers with updated agro-business informations and offering the platform in order to issue the trading offers.

The main shareholder of the company is PKM Duda S.A. - industry investor.

Netbrokers program

Netbrokers program consists of many sell and buy offers for agricultural goods. Currently more than 2800 companies - mainly from the meat, grains, fruits and vegetables sectors - use the program.

The total value of the goods shown in the table is between 180 and 220 mln PLN, where 75% is the sell offers, and 25% is the buy offers.

Trading office
We offer the trading services on the domestic market, as well as in export and import of agricultural goods. We narrowly cooperate with all companies from meat industry capital group PKM Duda S.A., as well as with other major entities.

After the 1st of May 2004 the company has a great increase of export and import with the EU countries.

The main directions of export and import accomplished by Netbrokers are:
 Bulgaria and Ireland.

Currently Netbrokers is specialized in delivering the fresh pork meat to polish cutting and processing plants, and also supplying the polish retail market with culinary meat. The main elements - available in permanent offer - are collars bone in and boneless, loins boneless, fore ends and shoulders. Using the logistic capability of PKM group, the company has a possibility to deliver the small quantities - even 2-3 tons - as well as quantities of a full truck.

The total value of goods sold in the year 2005 was by this virtue over 41 mln PLN.


Netbrokers, as a public shareholder of Warsaw Board of Trade, has also a possibility to represent it`s customers in public, internet auctions organized by ARM (goverment agency) on the WGT S.A. trading floor.

NBP from: 2018-11-20
1 USD: 3.7900 wzrost
1 EUR: 4.3314 wzrost
1 GBP: 4.8643 spadek
1 CHF: 3.8171 wzrost
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  NetBrokers Sp. z o.o. dokładając wszelkich starań, aby informacje zamieszczone na poniższych stronach były kompletne i zgodne z prawdą, nie jest jednak w stanie zagwarantować ich poprawnosci i nie ponosi żadnej odpowiedzialnosci za jakiekolwiek szkody powstałe w wyniku korzystania z nich.